From here to awesome.

The idea came to us one cold, clear day at Steamboat Springs Ski Resort. We wanted a company focused on mobile app development and obsessed with awesome.

After a short decent to the lodge the domain name was secured over a hot bowl of chili and a cold beer.

Harness the energy of great design, specifically created to empower and enrich, with thoughtfull, cross-platform implenentation

Use the power of software architecture to create next generation apps, with completely distributed, decentralized development



Privacy // Groop // Communication

This is our first app and we couldn't be more proud of the degin and the development team.

Simply the very best way for groops to organzize, communicate and make decisions.

Our idea was to make groop communication feel effortless and much closer to a face to face conversation. This is groop-First Communication.

It starts with how a groop is formed, named and identified. Then we layer on great visual elements and tools specifically tailored for groop decsions.

Best desgin.

Amazing begins with the best design and user experience. We agonize over every detail to ensure that when you use our apps you feel the experience and not the app itself.

Best architecture.

To build next generation apps we start with the very best software architecture and iterate with ultra-agile development.